MOKSHA – We combine with the pleasure of nature and natural based ingredients that fill the skin with healthy. This time, We choose 11 different natural ingredients. 

For healthy and good choice for the special skin care.

We all have different skin.
We all have the different skin trouble.

So MOKSHA choose
Four types of essences for your skin -
Essence, cream, ampoule, gel type

 Our skin condition is different every day.
We chose 11 most comfortable and good ingredients for skin.
For you to choose depends on your skin condition. 

Perfect for daily skin moisturizing facial mask , remove dull skin softly, produce deep moisturizing without dryness. Rich vitamin A,C,E, from apple extract provides a skin smooth, strength in delicate skin and helps skin vital . 

+Give skin glow & Nourishing


Dear.Apple facial sheet mask 25g