MOKSHA – We combine with the pleasure of nature and natural based ingredients that fill the skin with healthy. This time, We choose HA- DONG GREEN TEA which is cultivated with the hand of 4 season artisan care. HA-DONG Is the regions with the history of green tea culture. Foggy and humid, difference temperature for night and daytime. And those conditions make good taste, good shape and beautiful color for green tea. HA-DONG GREEN TEA was widely known as the true product of the king. Introducing the new triple trio for skin care made with HA-DONG GREEN TEA - help your skin to shine with full of hydrate and calm skin to be comfortable.



A hydrating and soothing gel mist   refreshing the skin throughout the day. Soft gel type help skin cooling. Ha-dong green tea & centella asiatica give a skin well- rested appearance and replenishes moisture. 

Ha-Dong green tea fix-up gel mist 50ml